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Global Culture, L.L.C. is an international business consulting and cultural media firm providing a wide range of global trade services and cultural media products designed to help companies in Building Global AlliancesSMand conducting world trade.

As part of our effort to assist companies in gaining international business knowledge and global market intelligence, we created the OMDCnet® Global Trade Portal.

On the portal, under the section Global Directories, you will find many leading sources of products and services. In addition, links to qualified importers, distributors, retailers, sales representatives and international business information are available.

OMDCnet® Global Trade Portal

OMDCnet® is a global trade and international business information portal created and sponsored by Global Culture, L.L.C. The core target audience is made up of executives at manufacturing companies, import firms, global retail chains, exporters, sales representatives, bankers, freight providers, trade associations, government trade organizations, licensing entities, and others involved with the business of global trade and international business.

The portal section, Global Directories, provides a wide range of directory categories with links to leading companies within each sector. OMDCnet® Members can view a quality rating of each company listed and search the directory by country.

In order to view certain OMDCnet® Global Trade Portal directory sections, you must complete a brief registration form (at no charge). OMDCnet® Members can submit their company for inclusion in the directory, subject to OMDCnet® approval. We qualify all company links prior to posting on the OMDCnet® Global Trade Portal.

OMDCnet® Global Trade Portal Directory Categories

  • Artists, Musicians and Performers
  • B2B Marketplaces
  • Banking & Finance
    • FX Banks
    • Online FX Trading Systems
    • Online Trade Finance
    • Specialty Financing
    • Trade Finance Banks
    • Venture Capital Firms
  • Consultants
    • Management Consultants
    • Marketing Consultants
    • Trade Consultants
  • Country Profile Sources
  • Distributors & Importers (over 50 industry sub-categories)
  • Educational Institutions Specializing in Global Business
  • Exporters and Export Management (non-manufacturer)
  • Franchising & Licensing
    • Franchisors
    • Franchisees
    • Franchising & Licensing Information Sources
    • Licensees
    • Licensing Agents
    • Licensors
  • Global Service Providers
    • Accounting Firms
    • Credit Agencies
    • Design & Architectural Firms
    • Insurance Companies
    • Law Firms
    • Logistics & Supply Solutions
    • Skills Training
    • Translation Services
  • Government Trade Services
  • International Organizations
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Embassies, Consulates, Trade Missions
    • Environmental Organizations
    • Quality & Certification Marks
    • Standards Organizations
    • World Organizations
  • Logistics & Transport
    • Air Cargo Carriers
    • Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers
    • Logistics Software Providers
  • Manufacturers (over 50 industry sub-categories)
  • News Organizations
  • Retailers (over 50 industry sub-categories)
  • Top Global Company Lists
  • Trade Associations
  • Trade Directory Sources
  • Trade Publications
  • Trade Shows International
  • Sales Representatives

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