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Your information source for answers to global trade and international business questions and related issues.
  • Save time in researching global business questions
  • Answers by professionals with years of international trade experience
  • Estimates for research provided prior to purchase

The Global Trade AdvisorSM is an outsourced, on-demand international trade and global business information service. It provides answers to specific questions submitted in the fields of international business and world trade.

If you have a question about a particular international trade topic or global business issue that you would like answered, our service offers you the opportunity to submit your question or issue for review and receive a free estimate of the cost to provide you the answer.

Typical Examples of Questions:

  • What are the best sources for in-depth French trade statistics?
  • Who are the leading importers of DIY products in the U.S. market?
  • Where can I find reliable financial information on international companies?
  • How do I begin to develop global trade and exports?
  • Who can I contact for financial information on Chinese suppliers?

Pricing for the Global Trade AdvisorSM Service:

The cost for the Global Trade AdvisorSM service is based on a unit of time, with one unit reflecting a period of fifteen minutes. The U.S. dollar cost per unit is $50. There is an initial minimum charge of two units ($100.), with subsequent time billed in single-unit increments.

Submit a Global Trade or International Business Question:

If you would like to submit a question, please click SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION. After a review of your question, we will estimate the time needed to provide you with an answer. A quotation is sent to you, along with a link to our order page. If you wish to accept our offer, just click the order link sent to you in our quotation e-mail.

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Global Trade AdvisorSM accepts credit card, wire payments, and company checks for our services. Credit card payments take place through our secure payment gateway operated and maintained by PayPal.


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